...What about her?
Born October 2 in Birmingham, AL, she was raised by mother Evengelist Josie Marie Knott. Since childhood, she has been recognized for being multi-talented, including drawing, dancing, and poetry. She began writing and rapping in the 4th grade, gradually moving to songs years later. For 6 years she studied under her music teacher, Ms. Ware, until she began to branch out on her own. For years she's strived to get one foot in the music industry. Coming from a family of talent, she has never been without teaching and encouragement.
In high school and college, she began to self-study vocals in different genres such as R&B, Pop, Rock, Neo Soul, Hip Hop, Oldies, Rap, Jazz, and more. Looking to artist such as Whitney Houston, Chaka Khan,
Sean Paul, LL Cool J, Tamia, Lauryn Hill, Pink, and Floetry, she is considered to be an "All-Around" girl.
Moving from Alabama to New York, for her passion of music and vocals, she has been making her way
around New York streets. Singing with bands, releasing Testing the Waters EP, branding
her image to make a name for herself and being a songwriter is what she tackles in her daily life. Being so enthused, she also street performs, exposing herself as much as she can to crowds. Learning more
and more willingly and eagerly, she has a wonderful heart, a beautiful personality, & a great voice.

New York such as:
  • Village Underground, Groove, Fat Cat, Cafe Oasis, Shrine and more.
-Headlined Testing the Waters Debut Live in Times      Square
​-Additional Services: (See Contact page)
Arye has been a community activist since she was 7 years old under her mother as well as branching out with starting projects of her own. She has a heart for people and is a strong believer in support. 
Energy, character, charisma, and personality is why people choose her for their special moments and events. Book her to find out for yourself!